We are a specialist supplier and distributor of

board products and worktops.

Our aim is provide our customers with new, exclusive, exciting materials that will help their products stand out from the crowd.



With a wide range of solid wood and imported veneers, The Studio Collection offers a variety of finishes that are ideal for woodworker and furniture makers.

From kitchen cabinets, tables and custom doors to desks, built-ins and office furniture, The Kitchen Studio has the finishes needed to feed a woodworker’s creativity.


Local contractors are often subject to a limited selection of raw materials for their developments, in spite of constant pressures to deliver high quality and unique finishes project after project.


Through our curated selection of exclusive, high quality materials,

The Studio Collection ensures that your developments always stand out from the crowd and are finished to last.

architects &

interior designers

The Studio Collection allows Architects and Interior Design professionals to specify their clients spaces with new and exciting materials.  


Whatever the project or vision, they rely on us to provide the quality materials they need to make their concepts a reality.


We offer numerous services to help with the design process and have a wide variety of products to bring the design to fruition.


Our materials are hand selected by our parent company and South Africa's leading custom kitchen manufacturer, The Kitchen Studio. 


They have been at the forefront of local kitchen trends for 25 years, having introduced a variety of board and worktop finishes to the market in that time.


They have applied that very same keen eye for quality finishes in the curation of The Studio Collections range.